Bläeckfisk is the Swedish translation for the word octopus. I am not Swedish, but I do own a lot of furniture from Sweden and I like octopuses while admiring their multi-tasking ability. I would like to travel to Sweden at some point, plus I think it is a pretty cool looking word. Anyhow, speaking of words, I guess you could say that is why we are here. Words are the foundation for way we try to wrap our thoughts around everything in the galaxy. The tendrils that lead to emotions and curiosity. I am not here to solve the mysteries of the universe, just to discuss words in general. Specifically words written by other people and have been printed off and slapped between two slices of thin card stock. Many of these sandwiches go on to bigger and better things, some bigger and better than others. So, I guess we will be talking about those as well. If you share an interest in words or enjoi seeing what they can look like in action....välkommen! (Swedish for welcome.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

F14: Man on a Ledge-Directed by Asger Leth

"So, what's on your mind?"

Consider passing on this ho-hum thriller set in New York City. With very little substance and some silly plot twists, I was mildly entertained by this film starring Sam Worthington. Although the thrill factor is about as riveting as the title of the movie, the premise did keep my attention span in check and my seat in the seat. I am a sucker for caper/heist movies and if you want a nice, fun little outing to the movie house, this may be the movie for you.

We follow the recent escape of convict Nick Cassidy (Sam W.) and his mission to prove his innocence. For some strange reason the opulent Mr. Englander (Ed Harris) has tabbed Cassidy as the fall guy for a little insurance scam centered around the theft of his revered Monarch Diamond. Cassidy claims to have been set up and sets in motion a rather far fetched scheme that has him perched atop a ledge of the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC. Proclaiming his innocence to a frenzied crowd below, Nick threatens to jump. As the police and media focus their attention on Nick, his brother and soon to be sister-in-law are busy penetrating the impregnable defenses of Englander's office building. Which just happens to be across the street from Nick and his ledge. Outfitted with thermal sensors. And infa-red cameras. And a gargantuan top of the line vault. I have no doubt that you will be able to connect the rest of the dots, but while the plot is a little lackluster, to some degree this movie was fun. I wouldn't recommend running down to the movie theater to see it, but if you need an afternoon filler, it is matinee worthy or a solid flick to pop into your Netflix que. Boom.


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  1. OK. Skipping this one. Now to check out your review of Extremely.