Bläeckfisk is the Swedish translation for the word octopus. I am not Swedish, but I do own a lot of furniture from Sweden and I like octopuses while admiring their multi-tasking ability. I would like to travel to Sweden at some point, plus I think it is a pretty cool looking word. Anyhow, speaking of words, I guess you could say that is why we are here. Words are the foundation for way we try to wrap our thoughts around everything in the galaxy. The tendrils that lead to emotions and curiosity. I am not here to solve the mysteries of the universe, just to discuss words in general. Specifically words written by other people and have been printed off and slapped between two slices of thin card stock. Many of these sandwiches go on to bigger and better things, some bigger and better than others. So, I guess we will be talking about those as well. If you share an interest in words or enjoi seeing what they can look like in action....välkommen! (Swedish for welcome.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

F34: Godzilla- Directed by Gareth Edwards

"We deserve to know what is happening here."

I will tell you what is happening here. Godzilla is about to doggy paddle across the ocean and start ripping through cities in his quest for total monster domination. I really liked this reboot of the Godzilla franchise and was not disappointed. While the plot may be a little on the shaky side, who cares. It's Godzilla, King of the Monsters. I am not interested in crafty dialogue or character development; I'm here for the carnage. I loved these old pulp movies when I was a kid and still love them today. This version definitely has a old school feel to it and director Gareth Edwards' attention to detail is obvious and I appreciate how he did not just roll out some weak, lame version of our beloved monster (see, or rather do not see Godzilla 2000). Godzilla is big and bad and makes the same iconic piercing cry that we all loved in the originals. The epic budget for this movie is conservatively estimated at 160+ million and it does not take long for you to see why. Mostly shot in CGI, the effects are fiercely ridiculous and to quote the great Chazz Michael Michaels, some of the scenes are flat out "mind bottling". 

A team of miners in the Philippians have been hard at work digging away looking for plutonium, when they make an unusual discovery. Two 4 story building sized fossilized eggs are buried deep underground and after an "accidental earthquake" at a nuclear reactor in Japan, one of the eggs is nurtured to term. Leave it to mankind to help the actual hatching of a giant rampaging, prehistoric creatures that needs to be stopped. The eggs are not those of Godzilla and conversely become his foes later on in the movie. I am pretty sure the monsters were inspired by different versions of the cult classics that G himself used to battle, but I digress. So, these new monsters hatch and start romping around the South Pacific, snatching up submarines and leaving a wake of utter destruction behind them. Before long, our old friend Godzilla emerges from the pits of the ocean to help restore "balance" to the universe, as only the ultimate apex predator could. 

Godzilla is without a doubt worth seeing, especially in the movie house on the big screen. This modern update does a really good job of portraying Godzilla as he was intended and by the movie's end you will be rooting for him. I have read that due to the early success of the film, part 2 is already in early development stages and we can only hope that Edwards stays on to direct the project. I would say that my only complaint about the film is its length. It is understandable why it is so long though, as it must be hard to 86 scenes that cost several millions of dollars to make. Overall though, I strongly suggest seeing it. Also, love the shout out to BART and how the three main locations chosen for destruction all have personal significance to me; Japan, Hawaii and San Francisco. Cue the Blue Oyster Cult and commence utter destruction.