Bläeckfisk is the Swedish translation for the word octopus. I am not Swedish, but I do own a lot of furniture from Sweden and I like octopuses while admiring their multi-tasking ability. I would like to travel to Sweden at some point, plus I think it is a pretty cool looking word. Anyhow, speaking of words, I guess you could say that is why we are here. Words are the foundation for way we try to wrap our thoughts around everything in the galaxy. The tendrils that lead to emotions and curiosity. I am not here to solve the mysteries of the universe, just to discuss words in general. Specifically words written by other people and have been printed off and slapped between two slices of thin card stock. Many of these sandwiches go on to bigger and better things, some bigger and better than others. So, I guess we will be talking about those as well. If you share an interest in words or enjoi seeing what they can look like in action....välkommen! (Swedish for welcome.)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

F9: Like Crazy-Directed by Drake Doremus

"I'll be there in 30 minutes."

For such a simple story, this film was immensely enjoyable. The premise follows the predictable trajection of girl and boy. Girl meets boy. Boy takes girl out. Girl and boy connect on a profoundly unique plane. Boy loves girl and wants nothing more than to be with girl. Only this time, girl did not follow the laws of immigration and violates the terms of her student visa and must return back to the UK.  What follows next is a tumultuous jaunt of ups and downs following the couple's budding romance.

I love the rawness of this film and the director's style lends to the authenticity of the story he is trying to tell. Both characters are portrayed in a light that makes you feel like you actually know them, or have come across them at some point in your own life. You find yourself really pulling for this couple and hoping that it works out for them, despite the physical and growing emotional distance that plagues their relationship. Weave in a killer soundtrack and some fresh camera tricks and this is not one you want to miss. See it.

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